Software Protection

Increasing rates of piracy, threats to intellectual property loss and strenuous global competition are faced by software vendors at large. Licensing of software can be difficult to assure its proper enforcement and often are unclear whether they are put into practice in the manner software publishers intend. Vendors run the risk of unauthorised duplication and distribution of their software, and a significant dollar loss in software profits has been a direct result of software licensing schemes being either disregarded or circumvented, having a detrimental effect on the software market.

Software piracy affects all economics worldwide. The Eighth Annual BSA and IDC Global Software Piracy Study released by the Business Software Alliance in 2011 reports that losses in the commercial value of PC software piracy rose to $59 billion in 2010, an unprecedented record high. Such losses represent a measure of potentially high user dissatisfaction from lowered quality of and increased security risk from illegal software, and are damaging not only economically, but also to the innovation of software development as a whole.

Conventional licensing solutions unmistakably are not sufficient in today’s market, and factors such as the nature, capability and convenience of software licensing solutions have been a disincentive for strong intellectual property protection by software companies.

Secutech’s comprehensive UniKey range offers sophisticated hardware-based software and data protection solutions apt to the protection needs of software companies. UniKey enables the assurance of compliant software licensing, and furthermore provides the flexibility of versatile licensing schemes and assists in the management and distribution of software, saving invaluable software publisher’s time, intellectual property abuse and revenue loss.

Compliant Software Licensing

Provides a variety of software licensing schemes for the protection of software bound to a hardware-based USB device, with numerous hardware and software measures designed to ensure software integrated in UniKey cannot be circumvented and adhere to the restrictions as set on the device. As well as assisting in the distribution, management and updating of software, offers seamless compatibility with numerous programming languages and operating systems.

Corporate Software Management

Designed for corporate multi-user use of software, added networking functionality allows multiple concurrent users to use UniKey integrated software over the network, providing greater control in the management of multi-user licenses in a corporation with a single UniKey device.

Tiny Form Factor

Mini’s squashed form factor enables many benefits from its departure of the standard USB device size. Most often, UniKey devices remain constantly plugged in and has the tendency to quickly occupy free space around and among other connected devices, adding to the clutter of peripherals. In addition, regular sized USB devices risk accidental disconnection when snagged or struck externally, causing corruption of data and even damage to the device or the connected computer. Mini’s reduced key size escapes these issues and enables the convenience of tiny, low-profile form factor, remaining safe from external damage and practically invisible when in use.

Periodical Software Control

Enables licensing of software which require strict time-based software restrictions. Employing an in-built secured clock, software developers can reference an accurate and tamper-proof time and date, offering assured observance of real-time based features and limitations of software.

Data Storage Assurance

In addition to secure hardware-bound protection of software, allows storage of data on-board the device owing to secure mass storage. Mass storage is separated into four distinct categories; normal, read-only, encrypted, and hidden storage of data, warranting the security and integrity of data as stored on the device.

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